As I mentioned earlier, I headed up to White Pass in Washington for a mini-vacay/spring ski trip with my family this weekend.  We rented a house and skied two days.  The weather was amazing - in Portland, it hit the mid-70s on Saturday & Sunday, so we were treated to amazing, clear views and LOTS of sunshine up on the mountain.

Up top is the whole group ranging from age 70 to age 10!  - my dad, my mom, me, my sister (Lise), and my four nieces and nephews (Esther, Sarah, Chris & Tim). The next two pics only hint at the beautiful views - I really need a panoramic shot to capture how far you could see in every direction. 

The last photo is of my gorgeous 15-year old niece, Sarah.  Sarah and I ended up skiing together, and it was so much fun!!  I always enjoyed her as a little girl, but it’s even more fun as she gets older.  It’s a different relationship, and I look forward to seeing it grow as we both get older.  (My sister is 9 years older, so that’s why I have a teenage niece!). 


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